Population Health Training

One Health module thumbnailOne Health

We live and work in an increasingly interconnected and complex world. In public health, we recognize the influence of various social determinants on health, we talk about incorporating health in all policies and we value inter-professional team approaches to care. No one group has the knowledge or the resources to address the “wicked” problems facing our planet today.

One Health recognizes the connections between the health of humans, animals and the environment; promotes more fully collaborative ways of thinking about problems and their solutions and allows us to take a more integrated systems-based approach to achieving health for all.


One Health module thumbnailIntegrating Primary Care & Public Health: Success Stories

There are profound inequities across Wisconsin and the United States contributing to poor population health. Integration of primary care and public health is essential to addressing these inequities.  

Learn more about how dedicated professionals in Wisconsin, and neighboring states in our Great Lakes Public Health Training Collaborative, have succeeded in working towards achieving integration and improving population health in their communities. 


Professionalism photoWhat Does Population Health Mean Today?

Now, more than ever, public health practitioners and organizations must work at the intersection between public health practice and clinical care, or what has come to be referred to by many as population health. 

The webinar includes information about how the definition of population health has changed over the past several decades, how it relates to public health practice, and some of the advantages and obstacles to improving population health in the changing healthcare marketplace. 

Evidence based health policy photoThe Role and Use of Evidence in Policy

In this course we will be exploring several things:

  1. How evidence is used in policymaking;
  2. Some ideas about how its use can be improved;
  3. And how you as a public health professional can better promote the use of your own work in policy discussions.